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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Family invitations

I've been asked to show some of the invitations I've created for my own family. Here is a sampling of a few of the most unique ones I've done. Click on the images to see them larger.

First Birthday Milestone Invitation
The invite features all of babies milestones on the front along with the date that each occurred. Across the font is the baby's birth date. When  you unfold the invite from the middle the birth date changes to the current date and includes an updated photo and party invite information.

Bookmark Christmas 'Card'
I like to be unique, even when sending family Christmas cards. This particular year I created bookmarks that included photos of each child and their signature in their own handwriting (notice how the baby could only scribble!). On the back of the bookmark I included questions that I asked my kids as well as their sweet, innocent answers that are awesome moments captured in time. I then placed the bookmark in a purple/blue custom wrapper/envelope that included our Christmas greeting.

Fools Money Invitation!
This invitation was a favorite! I created a birthday invitation that looked like a realistic $100 bill for my money-loving 7 year old son. I then folded it and mailed it to friends and family in a plain white, unmarked envelope with nothing else inside. When the recipients opened it up they were completely shocked to find a $100 bill! Upon closer examination they realized they were fooled and it was a very unique invitation. Even the smallest detail was personalized (click image & look closely!). The bill could then be unfolded further to showcase photos of my son.
Baptism Invitation
This invitation included metallic paper and a cross charm affixed with ribbon. Placed in between the layered invite was a card with a 'pull' tab that the recipient pulled to remove the text card from within.

Quad-Fold Wedding Invitation
Our monotone wedding invitation included only 1 ink (to give it a 'simple' look). The theme was 'Love Grows' and included photos of my husband and I when we were each 2 years old. It was sweet to see two toddlers who had grown up and fallen in love. The invite folded out into 4 panels. The 4th panel was a perforated tear-out post card that the recipients could easily mail back. Our table favors were boxes of wildflower seeds to keep with the theme.

More Random Invitations

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