Welcome to Bryson Design. I am a professional graphic designer with over 15 years design experience in all forms of publication and marketing design. I mix creativity with precision to transform ideas into a visual reality. I make the design experience simple so that you can relax and be at ease while I create your project. Thank you!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Launch Party - African Bride USA Magazine

What a fabulous time I had at the launch party for African Bride USA magazine in Baltimore, MD! I thoroughly enjoyed designing this publication from cover to cover. The photographs are beautiful, the text is intriguing and the print and paper quality are outstanding! I am very thankful to have the opportunity to design for African Bride USA.

Launch Party
Premier issue!
Featured Wedding Spread
Green Lifestyle Spread
Featured Wedding Spread
Vendor Spread
Healthy Lifestyle Spread

Keystone Surgical Logo

I am excited to showcase a recent logo I designed for
Keystone Surgical Systems

Logo on glass in conference room
Logo on office window
Logo on the side of Keystone's Mobile Surgical Laboratory
Mobile Surgical Laboratory

Book Publishing

It's been said that "Necessity is the mother of invention". That idea was the driving force behind what lead me to write, design and publish my first children's book. My son has a severe social anxiety disorder called Selective Mutism in which he goes mute in many situations - including school. Surprisingly it's not as uncommon as one might think, yet when I tried to find a children's book to share with my son, I couldn't find one. This lead me to create "Why Dylan Doesn't Talk" which is now available on amazon.com, barnesnnoble.com and SelectiveMutismBook.com.


Click to enlarge

Magazine Design
Billboards & Electronic Billboards
Magazine Layout
Geared toward high school students
Post Cards &
Frequent Buyers Punch Card
Brochure & Post Card for Computer Backup Service
Postcard for The Patriot News
Metallic Brochure for Motor Trend Magazine Auto Show
Website Design
Market Guide & Chamber of Commerce Publications
Media Kit - The Patriot News
PA Coalition Against Rape Poster
Brochure with Post Card Attached
Logo Design Process:
"Climb Up for Downs Syndrome"

Logo Design Process:
Studio 812 Design Studio

Family invitations

I've been asked to show some of the invitations I've created for my own family. Here is a sampling of a few of the most unique ones I've done. Click on the images to see them larger.

First Birthday Milestone Invitation
The invite features all of babies milestones on the front along with the date that each occurred. Across the font is the baby's birth date. When  you unfold the invite from the middle the birth date changes to the current date and includes an updated photo and party invite information.

Bookmark Christmas 'Card'
I like to be unique, even when sending family Christmas cards. This particular year I created bookmarks that included photos of each child and their signature in their own handwriting (notice how the baby could only scribble!). On the back of the bookmark I included questions that I asked my kids as well as their sweet, innocent answers that are awesome moments captured in time. I then placed the bookmark in a purple/blue custom wrapper/envelope that included our Christmas greeting.

Fools Money Invitation!
This invitation was a favorite! I created a birthday invitation that looked like a realistic $100 bill for my money-loving 7 year old son. I then folded it and mailed it to friends and family in a plain white, unmarked envelope with nothing else inside. When the recipients opened it up they were completely shocked to find a $100 bill! Upon closer examination they realized they were fooled and it was a very unique invitation. Even the smallest detail was personalized (click image & look closely!). The bill could then be unfolded further to showcase photos of my son.
Baptism Invitation
This invitation included metallic paper and a cross charm affixed with ribbon. Placed in between the layered invite was a card with a 'pull' tab that the recipient pulled to remove the text card from within.

Quad-Fold Wedding Invitation
Our monotone wedding invitation included only 1 ink (to give it a 'simple' look). The theme was 'Love Grows' and included photos of my husband and I when we were each 2 years old. It was sweet to see two toddlers who had grown up and fallen in love. The invite folded out into 4 panels. The 4th panel was a perforated tear-out post card that the recipients could easily mail back. Our table favors were boxes of wildflower seeds to keep with the theme.

More Random Invitations

Design Background

I am an energetic, creative and highly skilled Graphic Designer with experience in all forms of design and have a large print and advertising portfolio.

My background includes proficiency with Macintosh and PC based hardware and software including extensive knowledge in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, Creator and Word along with knowledge of Dreamweaver and web design. My wide range of experience includes page layout, magazines, books, advertisements, billboards, media kits, logo design, marketing materials, invitations, computer illustration, photo manipulation, posters, digital photography and countless other forms of design.

I have a strong design, technical and business background that I feel would be beneficial to your business. I’ve worked professionally as a Graphic Designer for 15 years and successfully started 3 of my own businesses: One focused on Graphic Design, one focused on Photography and one focused on Signage and Design.  

I have experience designing for a wide variety of large companies and organizations doing a vast array of projects. I have a fully equipped home office and can get started on projects immediately and can finish them in a timely manner with precision and a beautiful, sleek design.  

I am excited to hear more about your company and the design opportunities I can provide.

Carrie Bryson


Carrie A. Bryson
Currently looking to take on additional freelance design clients. With 15 years professional design experience and excessive knowledge of design and marketing, I am looking forward to helping your business grow to the next level. 


Freelance Graphic Designer

July 2005 – Present
Clientele sampling:
     African Bride USA Magazine, Baltimore, MD 
     Higashi Pearls & Fine Jewelry, Lemoyne, PA
     Keystone Surgical Systems, Inc., Harrisburg, PA
     Sweet Greetings, Inc., Etters, PA
     + Hundreds more!


Patriot News - Studio 812

Harrisburg, PA
June 2000 – July 2005

Graphic Designer 
Responsibilities: Creative Senior Designer for fast-paced media company. Produced exceptional printed materials, met tight deadlines, communicated with clients and sales reps, organized projects from concept to press for the Patriot News as well as their high end marketing department.


Motor Trend Magazine

Harrisburg, PA
Position: Graphic Designer
Created marketing materials and advertising for national auto shows.


Journal Publications
Central Penn Business Journal/Central Penn Parent

Harrisburg, PA
May 1998 – June 2000
Position: Graphic Designer
Responsibilities: Skilled Designer for various publications through Journal Publications including Central Penn Parent, Central Penn Business Journal and numerous other glossy publications as well as designed advertising for their customers. Beyond design I also worked with sales reps, visited advertising customers and traveled to on-site press checks.



InDesign, QuarkXPress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Word, Creator and more.

Luzerene College, Nanticoke, PA
Commercial Art / Computer Graphics

University of Montevallo, Montevallo, AL
Graphic Design
Vice President: Kappa Pi (Art Fraternity)


African Bride USA Magazine
Philadelphia Museum of Art

PA Coalition Against Rape
United Way
Lancaster Chamber of Commerce
Boy Scouts of America
Keystone Surgical
Camp Hill Chiropractic

Monday, March 7, 2011

Spice it up!

I was recently hired to 'spice up' the label design for Uncle Paul's Seasoning. I had a great time designing this fun label (not to mention how yummy their free sample was!)


Sunday, March 6, 2011


Just finished a new logo for Tunji Sarumi Photography.Tunji wanted a logo that had a sophisticated African touch that reflects the fine art wedding photography that he specializes in.

Logo to place on his copyrighted photos